Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Great 2008

I can't believe it is already January 10th. School is about to start up again and I am no where near ready! How can I be when I've been having so much fun???

First - We got to go to Havasu and see all the family. We played the Wii.

Dad really likes the games where you shoot things. Imagine that...
Then we got to eat pizza (thanks Grandma A!). And play dominoes. Nice face, sis!And, despite a hole in the pontoon boat, we did a little fishing. A and M had to leave early, but here is the rest of us in the boat.
First I caught a fish.Then Mom caught a fish.Then R caught a fish.And then Dad caught some little bitty fish. Nice work, Dad!R and I came back to Tucson on the 29th to do some pet sitting for friends who we owe BIG time for dog-sitting while we were in Austin last April and in Michigan for A's wedding.

Unfortunately, we have gotten hooked on "Heroes" and have been spending too many hours watching it rather than getting our work done.

Oh well, it is vacation after all...

I think I'll go knit something now.


TucsonLizzie said...

Wow! Your fish looks like the best one. Nice job.

jayceebee said...

Didn't know "Dad" liked to fish! Maybe you could teach him (ha!)This blog is to be classified as "tongue in cheek".