Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poor baby!

Oh geez.

So yesterday afternoon, as I was taking turns scratching behind the ears of each dog (one must pay equal attention to both!), I noticed that one of Tanner's ears was laying down funny on his head. Upon further inspection, I realized his ear flap was swollen! What could it be?

Panicked phone call to Dad ensued, from which we were told to "Look for a bite, then try to get some of the gunk out. " Eww, but ok...

We looked and looked and looked and could not find evidence of a bite anywhere. Uh-oh. Ryan never agrees with me that we should take the dogs to the vet - I'm a paranoid dog-mommy - but this time, he didn't put up a fight at all. Unfortunately, our regular vet was closed, so we had to go to one of those chain vet clinics that are open all the time.

Turns out that Tanner has a hematoma, probably from wrestling really hard with Ellie. Case in point:The vet suggested one way to take care of it, involving anesthetics, stitches, and a cone collar, for the low low price of $547 to $684. We hesitated, of course, and miraculously the doctor had another solution, involving a needle and some band aids for the low low price of $249 to $312!

We ascertained that Tanner's owie was not life threatening and are currently trying to figure out what to do. Our regular vet may have a better deal, or better yet, a payment plan option. Dad has suggested a simple at home solution which also involves a needle and some band aids, and possibly a shot of whiskey (for us or the dog, I am not sure). We're a little nervous about an at home solution, especially because of all those pesky blood vessels around it. Here's some photos. We'll keep you posted.
Normal ear:
Hematoma Ear

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TucsonLizzie said...

Home surgery is my favorite! Poor little boy. Maybe you should put an earring in there afterward to make up for the humiliation.