Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm still kicking.

Despite the fact that its seems like I have fallen off the planet, you can rest assure that I am still here. And kicking. And screaming. And crying.

School's keeping me busier than I care to talk about at the moment. And with the holidays upon us, the insanity that is our life is even greater.

But I did take a small break this weekend to enter an apron contest at a local fabric store here in Tucson. It was called "Say Hello to June Cleaver" and the rules were basically: make an apron from the fabric you bought from our store.

It turns out that "Saucy Mamasita" came from that store! I wasn't sure if they would let me play because I no longer had the receipt, but they did - yeah! There were only two other ladies there - one had made a short, bib apron (it covered her top half to just below her hips), and the other made a pinafore (sort of like what Alice in Wonderland wore, but with fewer ruffles.)

Since there were only three of us, there was no judging. We all put our names in a bowl and a poor, unsuspecting shop customer drew them out. I got 3rd place, which was a $10 gift certificate for the store. I also got lots of praise and encouragement from some really experienced sews/quilters.

Here's what I looked like:
Yes, I dressed like that on purpose.

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TucsonLizzie said...

I'm glad you're still kicking and I'm so glad you entered that contest. Congratulations!