Friday, August 31, 2007

Our House Guest...

So last Thursday night, around 10:00, I got out of bed to use the bathroom one more time. If you've been in our house, you know that there is only a sharp turn to the left from my bedroom to get into the bathroom. If not, just trust me, its a close walk. Anyway, just as I stepped into the hall, I saw something black on the floor by the wall and assumed that it was the cord to the unplugged fan that hangs out in the bathroom. Except that the cord started moving toward the toilet. And it was a snake. Needless to say, I slammed the bedroom door and did some screaming, both of which are highly effective snake repellents, especially if there is a two inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

We (and I mean Ryan because I alternated between standing on the bed yelling at him to catch it and standing in the bathtub yelling at him to kill it instead) caught the snake with the handle of a broom and a pair of tongs and dumped it into a mop bucket to be transported outside. Far from the house and me, where snakes belong.

In all fairness, it was just a baby Lampropeltis getula - Common Kingsnake. Its non-venomous and eats rodents and other snakes - which hopefully are not hanging out in my bathroom as well. The perks of having a Kingsnake really don't seem to matter all that much though when you are barefoot and in your pj's, just trying to do your business before bed.

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