Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poor baby!

Oh geez.

So yesterday afternoon, as I was taking turns scratching behind the ears of each dog (one must pay equal attention to both!), I noticed that one of Tanner's ears was laying down funny on his head. Upon further inspection, I realized his ear flap was swollen! What could it be?

Panicked phone call to Dad ensued, from which we were told to "Look for a bite, then try to get some of the gunk out. " Eww, but ok...

We looked and looked and looked and could not find evidence of a bite anywhere. Uh-oh. Ryan never agrees with me that we should take the dogs to the vet - I'm a paranoid dog-mommy - but this time, he didn't put up a fight at all. Unfortunately, our regular vet was closed, so we had to go to one of those chain vet clinics that are open all the time.

Turns out that Tanner has a hematoma, probably from wrestling really hard with Ellie. Case in point:The vet suggested one way to take care of it, involving anesthetics, stitches, and a cone collar, for the low low price of $547 to $684. We hesitated, of course, and miraculously the doctor had another solution, involving a needle and some band aids for the low low price of $249 to $312!

We ascertained that Tanner's owie was not life threatening and are currently trying to figure out what to do. Our regular vet may have a better deal, or better yet, a payment plan option. Dad has suggested a simple at home solution which also involves a needle and some band aids, and possibly a shot of whiskey (for us or the dog, I am not sure). We're a little nervous about an at home solution, especially because of all those pesky blood vessels around it. Here's some photos. We'll keep you posted.
Normal ear:
Hematoma Ear

Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm still kicking.

Despite the fact that its seems like I have fallen off the planet, you can rest assure that I am still here. And kicking. And screaming. And crying.

School's keeping me busier than I care to talk about at the moment. And with the holidays upon us, the insanity that is our life is even greater.

But I did take a small break this weekend to enter an apron contest at a local fabric store here in Tucson. It was called "Say Hello to June Cleaver" and the rules were basically: make an apron from the fabric you bought from our store.

It turns out that "Saucy Mamasita" came from that store! I wasn't sure if they would let me play because I no longer had the receipt, but they did - yeah! There were only two other ladies there - one had made a short, bib apron (it covered her top half to just below her hips), and the other made a pinafore (sort of like what Alice in Wonderland wore, but with fewer ruffles.)

Since there were only three of us, there was no judging. We all put our names in a bowl and a poor, unsuspecting shop customer drew them out. I got 3rd place, which was a $10 gift certificate for the store. I also got lots of praise and encouragement from some really experienced sews/quilters.

Here's what I looked like:
Yes, I dressed like that on purpose.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October on the homefront

I realized this afternoon that I only have one post for the month of September. That's no good, especially because so much has happened in the last few weeks. For your reading pleasure, here is a quick summary of the happenings around our house.

To recap first though, school started at the end of August. We are now at mid-terms - R has to grade a bunch of tests for his undergrads, and I have to write a little paper (15 to 20 pages). Here we are on the first day of school. R is flexing. And yes, I'm brushingmy teeth.

Week 2 of September: Following Holly's wedding (see only September post), Amber B. (the B is necessary to distinguish between her and Amber Kay) came out to see me for a whole three days! I haven't seen her since August of last year, and before that, the August the year before. We shopped a lot, stayed up late, and talked each other's legs off. R is happy because this month's cell bill is significantly lower than it would be if she was still in NY. Somehow I managed not to take any pictures from Amber's visit.
Oh, and guess what? Amber just got a job working as a Legislative Aide (aka a lawyer) for Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming on Capitol Hill! Yeah for Amber!

Week 3 of September: R and I left for Michigan on Wednesday, following a quick weekend trip for me to Phoenix. The three days prior to leaving say the least. I made tote bags for Amber's bridesmaids: the pink and brown for Kelly and the red and white for Noreen.

And then I made two Michigan State garters for Amber to wear for the garter toss at the wedding. Mike went to Michigan State, so she thought it would be a cute surprise for him. Garters are a pain in the butt to make, so I ended up making Michigan State scrunchies with gobs of lace and ribbon that were big enough (though not that big)to fit around Amber's leg. Here's the only picture I have of them. I did not purposefully coordinate my outfit for this shot, by the way.
Amber's wedding week was fast paced and fun and might just require a book to be published about it, but here a couple of photos to tide you over until then, if you haven't already seen the pictures Mike's sister posted on her web page. (Let me know if you want the link).

Me and Amber Kay on Thursday before the wedding. She was perhaps the most organized bride I have ever met. Note the notebook.Here we are at the bachelorette party. Amber had a little trouble loosening up, but these lemon drops sure helped.

Here we are rehearsing. And taking goofy pictures.

The wedding was on Saturday. It was beautiful affair, that we did not actually take pictures of until the reception! R was driving golf carts for everyone and didn't get the camera until after the ceremony. Again, you should see the web page with all of the photos for a complete picture-summary. Here are:
The B FamilyThe B H Family
The N Family
Week 4 of September: Essentially R and I spent the weekend in hiding, trying get our clothes clean and caught up on school work. But really, there is not much new to report after such a fun weekend at the wedding. I did go to a shower for my friend Kacy, hosted by her maid of honor (I refuse to call you Matron, L!).

Week 1 of October: Is it seriously already over?

Here's one more cute picture for you. I have to go write a paper now.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Our House Guest...

So last Thursday night, around 10:00, I got out of bed to use the bathroom one more time. If you've been in our house, you know that there is only a sharp turn to the left from my bedroom to get into the bathroom. If not, just trust me, its a close walk. Anyway, just as I stepped into the hall, I saw something black on the floor by the wall and assumed that it was the cord to the unplugged fan that hangs out in the bathroom. Except that the cord started moving toward the toilet. And it was a snake. Needless to say, I slammed the bedroom door and did some screaming, both of which are highly effective snake repellents, especially if there is a two inch gap between the bottom of the door and the floor.

We (and I mean Ryan because I alternated between standing on the bed yelling at him to catch it and standing in the bathtub yelling at him to kill it instead) caught the snake with the handle of a broom and a pair of tongs and dumped it into a mop bucket to be transported outside. Far from the house and me, where snakes belong.

In all fairness, it was just a baby Lampropeltis getula - Common Kingsnake. Its non-venomous and eats rodents and other snakes - which hopefully are not hanging out in my bathroom as well. The perks of having a Kingsnake really don't seem to matter all that much though when you are barefoot and in your pj's, just trying to do your business before bed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting back in touch

My friend Lizzie writes a blog for her friends and family that gives them weeklyish updates about her life and current craft projects. Its really cute and since she is so creative, its really fun to read. I was sort of inspired by her efforts to try to do the same.

It seems like
school and work have kept me really busy for the last couple of years, and I feel pretty rotten about how little I keep in touch with my family, especially my grandmas (Babe, Alice, and Joan), my Papaw Bob, and all of my aunts and uncles (trust me, there are a lot of them). I stink at writing emails, remembering birthdays, and am terrible at talking on the phone, especially when I have to tell people what I have been up to since the last time I talked to them. I can never seem to think of what I've been doing, even though tons of stuff happens every day.

Since I know most of my family and friends are internet savvy, I was hoping they might enjoy reading this. And maybe...they'll write me back?