Monday, September 9, 2013

Lord have mercy....

While I gather photos and stories from the last few weeks, I thought I would share this little gem of a song with you. Makes me think of home, happy places, and all the adventures ahead.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Art Project for the Creatively Impaired...

We had the best of intentions.

My best friend is building her portfolio as a an archaeologist-mom by day,  professional photographer by major life event. The problem with this is, by reference to google maps, she lives approximately 10 hours and 55 minutes away from my new little niece and my sister. That's a bit far to travel for a photo shoot.

Fortunately for my sister, the hospital provides a fancy pants photographer to come in to the hospital room and take pictures of your baby. And you. In all of your "I just had this baby and I haven't slept for 28 hours" glory. For a mere mortgage on your home, you can have copies of all the photos from your one hour of trying to look natural in a hospital gown.


You can pretend you are a photographer with your twin sister and try really hard to recreate those gorgeous photos at home. When you have showered and slept almost through the night. And your baby looks more like a baby than a miniature Winston Churchill.

Magical photographic moments are be created by Elizabeth.

Magic photographic moments cannot be created by the A-Twins.

Allow me to illustrate.

First, I present....Look at My Foot
And now...I Don't Want to be a Strawberry.

And finally....I am a Little Cloud

It's Okay, Baby...your Auntie doesn't do well in front of the camera either. Glamour shots may not be a good investment for us. Ever.

 It is hard not to burst into giggles when the baby won't pose right. I am not sure how Elizabeth does it....Perhaps we should just stick to the candid shots and hope for a good one!

Monday, July 29, 2013

He was Quite the Jake

I've been struggling the last few days to write this post. Mostly because in the midst of celebrating new life in our family, we are all having just a little bit of trouble accepting the loss of one of us.
For the past 14 years, my parents have been blessed with the best dog. Ever.

I could probably write a novel about the amazingness of Jake, but I know I wouldn't do it justice. He was sweet. He was gentle. He was patient. He was loyal. He could really, really retrieve. He liked to have his face washed in the morning. He hated pickles and loved pouncing fish. And he really, really, really loved to swim.
 Jake is part of my fondest memories of the last 14 years.
He's part of Home.
He's part of my Ellie. 

But most importantly, Jake was my Dad's best (furry) friend. Jake helped lower Dad's blood pressure when work got tough. He made Dad smile when people were being...crappy  people. I loved to get an phone call from Dad...."Well, I've got a Jake story for ya..." followed by fits of giggles.
 I think you could probably safely say...Jake saved Dad's life. 
Thanks for that, Old Boy.

We'll miss you, Jake. 
Rest in Peace.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Well it is about time!

While I am still in negotiations with her agents about which photos I can use on the World Wide Webs, I thought I might give you a little hint about the goings on over here in the Oven of the Southwest (and California)....


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

A Happy Day to my amazing Dad....
who has taught me quite a bit about the adventure of life, like....
 how to aim and hold steady....but sometimes you should shoot first and ask questions later....
 how to fish hard all day...even if nothing is biting....keep trying....

 that I should only hang out with Dudes who are willing to do the dirty baiting hooks and cleaning the catch....

 and that sometimes you should just lay on the floor and enjoy the kittens.

Have a wonderful day, Dad! Sorry we can't hang out today....but I am positive I will see you in a few days when we can start calling you Grandpa.

 Oh yeah, and Ellie says Happy Father's Day to her Dad, Jake.

Monday, June 10, 2013

In which we learn we were fishing the wrong way.

Last week, Archy G and I were invited out for some fresh air and fishing with Archy G's kid brother and his family. We shall henceforth call them: Team MMH.

It was an absolutely beautiful day; lots of sunshine, not so many bugs, and lots and lots of cousin time for Archy G's Littles and the MMH Juniors. There were water guns, goldfish, grapes, giggles, and conversation with adults that did not result in more work assignments, temper tantrums or mandatory nap times. The kids were well behaved too! 

As you can safely assume because it is summer and we are nothing if not determined, Archy G and I have been trying our hands at fishing the last couple of weeks. We have been met with little success despite the addition of two small fisherpeople.
We caught one fish on our trip before this last week. Archy G balks when I say "WE caught the fish," so allow me to translate... Archy G caught one fish on one of the last remaining worms that had not been drowned or turned into "little baby worms," Biggest Little threw said fish into the creek, stringer and all, because it "Has to stay in the water" and I, as the only wearer of roll-up-able pants and Chacos, had to wade into the creek with a 6 foot long branch to retrieve our dinner. So yes, "WE" caught the fish.

We have not been so good at the fishing this year.

We finally figured it out turns out...we've been doing it wrong!

  As you can see by this instructional photo featuring Team Captain MMH, one should not be looking down or casting into bodies of water for fish. No, no! Up! Look up! Into the sky! It's not a bird! It's not a plane! It's a Sponge Bob and Patrick Starfish!

 See the wonder and amazement?
 Here, witness brotherly lessons in catching Barbie and Cinderella Fish...
 Barbie Fish in her natural habitat.
It looks like a whopper!

   Success for all!

I only wish I had taken more photos throughout the day. 

While I am enjoying teasing these cool is it that these Dads stopped fishing to fly kites for their girls?!?

Thanks again for the hospitality...and fishing lessons... Team MMH! We enjoyed it tremendously. It was the perfect Thursday, really. We should probably do that again soon.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

In Which We Craft

I am not sure if you heard yet, but my sister is gestating.


36 weeks down...4? 3? 2? to go. No turning back now, Sister...

Last week, my Brother in Law needed to go out of town. So I went to Death Valley for seven days to pre-baby babysit.

Which meant...really...I went to Death Vally and watched every Jane Austen inspired movie available, season 1 of Bones and Modern Family and crafted. Yeah, yeah...I did some teleworking too...but that's not all that exciting compared to all of the sister time and crafting that took place.

I have not done a whole lot of crafting at home lately, despite having my own Craft Cave.

Crafting happens in spurts, around the births of children and gift-giving holidays. And also when Archy G goes out of town for long periods of time on hunting trips. I think there may be a correlation there.

We made a graph together to show you. This may count as crafting.

I also tend toward this problem....

See what I mean?
And that isn't even my house!

What did I make? Just a few little things....

A Hospital Gown ala The Crafty Cupboard. It has a detachable front for hospital nursing photos which do not show too much ta-ta. Sister is modest. I've never actually made something for an adult to wear.

I also whipped up a dress for My Niece, sans bloomers.... Apparently she is not so modest.
 I think it will fit, yes?

A quilt top for my cousin's now 9-month old son. Seriously, Albrey...I've had this fabric and plan for Little Nolan since you announced he was a boy and his nursery would be nautical theme. I am hoping he gets this before college. I still have some work to the rest of the quilt.

And finally.... a Hootie Hider. Sister got one for her baby shower, but she wanted a spare. They match different outfits.

Sister whipped out two crocheted blankets and I also did some knitting, but I didn't get any pictures of those.

Every evening, Sister looked at the crib and said "There will be a baby in here soon."

I asked if she would tell me her name ALREADY...but nope.

She took great pains to be sure I didn't find out. Foiled by foil.

Next time we pose for this picture, we'll be adding a little bundle to the frame...
My, my... what a difference 3 years can make!

Did I mention how excited I am to become an Auntie?